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Immature is an American R&B boy band, managed by record producer Chris Stokes. Its members include Marques "Batman" Houston, Jerome "Romeo" Jones, and Kelton "LDB" Kessee, all natives of Los Angeles, California, where the group was formed.

The Judiciary Report mentioned how singers Raz-B and Quindon Tarver Talk were raped as teens by Marques Houston and Chris Stokes, "Houston was the former leader singer of 1992 pre-teen group, Immature, who became known as IMX, when they came of age. Music producer and manager, Chris Stokes, was in his mid-twenties when he allegedly began raping a pre-teen Houston, as his mother, Carolyn Houston, lay dying of cancer. Stokes, allegedly turned Houston into a pedophile, who raped newer artists Stokes signed a few years later, for the music manager's sexual gratification. Oddly enough, early in the group's career, a young man in his mid-teens named "Don "Half Pint" Santos, mysteriously fled the band and was replaced by another teenage boy in 1994, Kelton "LDB" Kessee. Chris Stokes released a photo of an underage Immature in bed, wearing nothing but their underwear, for a 1990's promo photo, which should have tipped people off that something was very wrong."


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"Lost very important parcel why why why happy post IMX 7328765"

Colin Day says

"Having, in an earlier part of my life, been in senior positions within various courier companies I can honestly say that I have never come across a company quite like this one. Also they are memorable for all the wrong reasons like effectively non existent service, inability to be contacted (no phone number given and their website keeps getting flagged as "dangerous" by a very well respected anti-virus & internet security company quite apart from other things). Why they are still in business completely defeats me. A supplier sent me a package via UPS iParcel (almost as bad - see my review on iParcel) who, it appears, promptly handed it over to IMX and now as far as I can tell my package has now disappeared into thin air and I can't even contact the "crows". UPS iParcel are not helpful in the matter as well but that is another story. Fortunately the non-delivery of my parcel is not the end of the world nor a great financial loss but that is besides the point. From a personal point of view I would put the chances of getting reasonable or good service from IMX is such that you would have better odds on surviving a large dose of Strychnine poisoning without a doctor or hospital in sight. All I can say to those thinking of using them is BE WARNED !!!!"

john gates says

"Terrible experience with this firm. Sent package to Latvia and only after over six months do they admit it is "lost". They were very unresponsive, often weeks going by without a response; ever get the feeling you are being ignored in the hope you go away? After always chasing them for info, they seemed to continually stall saying parcel is being returned to them, they finally admitted it was "lost". Then I was presented with a claim form in what appears to be Russian! Think long and hard before using this firm as my experience has been awful, I would never dream of treating my customers with such apparent arrogance.."

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